The Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining is owned and published by Iraq Geological Survey, which is a research institute of Earth Sciences stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. The management of the bulletin is in the hands of the editorial board, whose members are distinguished scientists from Iraqi and international universities and research institutes. The editorial board is obliged to carry out all the steps related to the processing and publishing of the papers in the best principles of transparency and best practice, following the work procedures and guidelines of the bulletin.

Iraq Geological Survey (the publisher) will take the necessary steps to maintain the bulletin web site even if the bulletin is no longer published in order to keep the archives available for scientists. All papers appeared in the bulletin since it was first published in 2005 are available to read and/or download from the bulletin’s web site or upon request from the editorial office at Iraq Geological Survey, Baghdad, Iraq. All issues of the bulletin are archived at the Iraqi House of Books and Archives, Baghdad, Iraq, under No. 808.